the burn fuels our spirit

no hill is too steep

no hold is too deep

we rise to the challenge

we revel in our successes

together we reach and inspire

Class Schedule is LIVE!

Our San Mateo studio is open and ready to LIFT your body and heart! Full schedule is live, so register, sign up and get ready to LIFT. We believe we are better together so bring a friend!

LIFT Barre + Bike + Breathe

See inside our barre, bike and heated HIIT classes and what LIFE at LIFT is all about. One inch, one step, one push-up at a time we will LIFT your body and heart because we believe that together we are better!

Take A Peak Into Life At LIFT

At LIFT we lunge, we curl, we burn as we sculpt and tone every inch of our body. We climb, we run and turn it up as we sweat and dance our way to a better day. We don't workout. WE LIFT!

LIFT Light Membership $150/M

Introducing our new LIFT Light All Access Membership for $150/M. It's simple, it's basic and it's awesome! 3 month commitment required.