on demand


LIFT On Demand

Join all your favorite instructors online, choosing from a huge library of pre-recorded Barre, Bike, Breathe and HIIT classes. Ranging from 10 - 45 minute long classes to fit any schedule! After your 7 Day Free Trial, LIFT On Demand is only $39.99 a month of $360 annually.

LIFT Barre + Bike + Breathe

See inside our barre, bike and heated HIIT classes and what LIFE at LIFT is all about. One inch, one step, one push-up at a time we will LIFT your body and heart because we believe that together we are better, in person or virtually!

We Are Better Together!

While our studios are closed due to COVID-19 we are offering live-streaming and outdoors classes! To access live-stream classes make sure to select our San Jose location. For all outdoor classes choose your home studio. "See" you soon!

3 Weeks Unlimited

Now for only $69 you can enjoy 3 weeks of unlimited access to all classes at LIFT. Choose from a full schedule of live-stream and outdoor classes to fit your new "at home" routine.