Frequently Asked Questions

Class Packages & Memberships

Q. I have a membership that you no longer offer. May I continue to use mine? A. Yes! If you have an active membership that is no longer sold it’s still valid and may be used at LIFT. Q. Can the Introductory One Month Membership be used across both the San Jose and San Mateo studios? A. Yes. Q. Can class packages be used across both the San Jose and San Mateo studios? A. Yes. Q. I want to cancel my membership. How do I do that? A. Please send an email to Q. I am moving and want to give my classes to a friend. Can I do that? A. Yes! You may transfer your entire class package to another person. Email us at  Q. May I share a class package or membership with a friend? A. No, you may not share a class package or membership with anyone else.

LIFT Classes

Q. How are classes different at LIFT Exercise Studio then other studios? A. LIFT embraces the fundamentals of body alignment in all the classes we offer. Alignment and stability are primary principles we build upon as we layer in movement; small and large range. Whether you are incredibly fit, have physical limitations or are just embarking on a new fitness program, LIFT Exercise classes are designed to fit everyone’s body. Q. Do I have to wear socks to class anymore? A. No! All of our mat based classes no longer require you to wear socks, however you may if it’s better for your practice. Q. Is alignment and form a priority during LIFT Exercise classes? A. Alignment and form are a guiding underlying principle for all of the classes taught at the studio. Q. I have injuries. May I still take class at Lift Exercise Studio? A. Yes! All of our classes are design to build functional strength in the body. If you have an injury, limitation or are pregnant we can modify every exercise and movements in our classes allowing you to feel good and be successful. Q. Why do you heat the studio during LIFT Heated HIIT? A. Heat is a great way to bring warmth to the body, detox the body and it helps to maximize caloric burn!

Little LIFTers Playroom

Q. Who staffs your playroom? A. We have the best local childcare professionals and Willow Glen moms watching your precious cargo! To keep track of your little ones we ask that you sign yourself and them IN and OUT of our playroom to ensure they remain in our care. Our playroom boosts great books, games and actives that will engage your child while you find some time for yourself. We DO NOT have a T.V. in the room. Q. What is the child to staff member ratio? A. 6 children to 1 childcare staff member. Q. May I bring more than 1 child? A. Yes! We love kiddos over here and they love it here too. We recommend you reserve a spot in our Little LIFTers playroom in advance to guarantee a space. Q. My child has many food allergies. Do you allow nuts in the playroom? A. No! In fact, we don’t allow any food in the playroom for that reason. We encourage parents to feed their little one prior to coming to the studio so our staff may spend their time playing with your children and others. Q. What is your approach to sick children? A. We ask that if your child appears under the weather in anyway to not bring them until they are feeling better. A barking cough, a yellow running nose, a hot forhead? Keep them home and join us another time. Q. What is the minimum age requirement for kids in the Little LIFTers playroom? A. 5 weeks old Q. Will you come get me out of class if my child is crying? A. If you are taking class in either our Barre or Breathe room and you request to be taken out of class if your child is crying then we will come get you. HOWEVER if you are taking class in our Bike room we will not come get you. Opening and closing the door during our Bike class is very disruptive to the experience of class. Our playroom staff are trained and prepared to provide attention and care to your little one even when they are crying. If this makes you uncomfortable then we suggest not bringing your little one to the studio on days you plan to take a LIFT Bike class.

Early and Late Cancellation Policies

Q. I made a reservation for class but am unable to attend. Will I be charged? A. We have a 12 hour cancellation window. If you cancel prior to the 12 hour window you will not be charged. However, if you cancel within that 12 hour window you will be charged. Class pack holders will lose 1 class, all other students will be charged $15. Q. I won’t able to cancel in advance but don’t think I should be charge. A. We understand life happens and plans change. We have our late and early cancellation policies in place to ensure all of our students have a chance to take class. If you call us and speak with someone directly and the class you are trying to cancel did not, does not have a waitlist we will be happy to early cancel you and not charge. Q. I arrived 3 minutes before class and my reservation had been given away. Is this normal? A. Yes. We ask that all students arrive 15 minutes in advance of class so that we know you will be claiming your reservation. If you have not arrived 5 minutes prior to class start time will we give your reservation to any students on the waitlist and walk-ins. IMPORTANT – you must check in with the front desk so we know you are claiming your reservation. If you walk past the front desk, straight into class, it’s highly likely in that time we may have given away your mat or bike. PLEASE CHECK IN WITH THE FRONT DESK FIRST!

Studio & Class Etiquette

Q. How early do I need to arrive before class starts? A. At least 15 minutes prior to class. For all classes offered at LIFT Exercise Studio, we will give your reservation away if you have not arrived 5 minutes before class start time. Q. What will happen if I late cancel? A. For students with any unlimited membership package you will be charged $15. For all class packages holders your account will be deducted one class. Q. Do I need to bring my own mat? Towel? A. No! We are a full service studio. We offer mats, dry towels, cold fresh eucalyptus towels and more! Q. Do I have to wear socks to class? A. No! For all of our mat classes you have the option to go bare foot or wear socks! Q. Can I bring my drink into class? A. You are welcome to bring any clear beverage of your choice into class. Q. Can I bring my cell phone into class? A. No! Cell phones are not allowed in any of our studio rooms.  Q. I got turned away from the LIFT Bike class because I was 1 minute late. Is that normal? A. Yes. Due to the nature of the LIFT Bike class (dark candle lit room), once we close the door no one is allowed in. We appreciate your understanding and hope you’ll take this into consideration next time. Q. I noticed students coming and going during the LIFT Barre and LIFT Heated HIIT classes. Is that allowed? A. No. We ask students once they walk into the studio room they stay through the final stretch. Coming and going during the class can be quite disruptive to fellow students.