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Turns to the right: 1,250
Planks: 1546
Smiles: too many to count

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Get rocking with the best beats in the South Bay!


"You can walk alone, but why?"

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Category Archives: Barre

LIFT Leader – Wright (Erin)

LIFT Leader, Erin Wright (AKA Wright) shares why she LIFT's, who LIFT's her and a few thing other goodies you may not have known.

The Choice Is Yours

Choices in life are yours to make, not someone else’s. The ability to choose is a freedom we enjoy, and to use this right provides us with control in the direction and path we travel.

Strength of Body, Heart & Mind

Strength of body, heart & mind can be an unstoppable force. The past 29 days of our Spring Training class challenge are a great example of such as I was witness to some amazing accomplishments.