10 Minutes To Get LIFTed Outside

10 Minute Outdoor H2

All you need is a timer (like the one on your phone) and a yoga mat, beach towel, or soft grassy outdoor space. We’ve provided the workout AND the playlist. Just hit play and get started!

Minute 1:

5x Root Rebound

Inhale the arms all the way up overhead. Exhale as you bend the knees, folding forward to touch the ground. Inhale lengthen the legs pressing the hips up to the sky, keeping your hands grounded. Exhale bend the knees. Inhale stand all the way back up reaching the arms to the sky. Repeat.

3x Vinyasa flow

Find a downward dog and take a big inhale. Exhale shift the shoulders slightly forward of the wrists (option to drop down on the knees).  Keeping elbows glued in tight to the torso, lower the chest down parallel to the ground, elbow height or above. Inhale find your upward dog. Exhale press back to downward dog. Repeat.

Minute 2:

45 Seconds – Turned Out Squat

Turn your toes out to 10 and 2 and drop your hips down to knee height or above, keeping your waist pulled in. As you stand up, squeeze your seat tight. Booty burn!!!

15 Seconds – Turned Out Squat Hold

Minute 3:

Plant your palms and step back into a plank

45 seconds – Frog Plank

Step the right foot to the outside of your right hand then step back. Repeat with the left. As you sweep the leg forward feel the obliques begin to fire up! Keep your hips square and stable and try not to let them float up!

At the end of 45 seconds, step both feet forward and sink all the way down onto your seat coming into high curve.

15 seconds – High Curve Hold

Minute 4:

45 seconds – Side Plank Hip Dips (RIGHT)

Drop onto your RIGHT forearm, lengthen the legs and lift the hips. Pull the abdominals in flat and then drop the hips down to the floor and lift them back up using your oblique strength. Option to step the top leg forward in front of you finding a larger range of motion.

15 seconds – Side Plank Hold

Minute 5:

45 seconds – Side Plank Hip Dips (LEFT)

Same thing, LEFT forearm.

15 seconds – Side Plank Hold

Minute 6:

(In the studio you would turn to face the back wall, but outside you just get to face a new direction!)

1 minute – Forearm Plank

Minute 7:

1 minute – Push-Ups


Minute 8:

45 seconds – High Runner’s Lunge (RIGHT)

Step your right foot forward so it is directly under your knee. Lengthen the left leg all the way back and then reach your arms out in front of your shoulders. Keep the right foot grounded and then step the left foot up so you come to standing. As you do this, squeeze into your right side seat. Step back, finding weight into that left foot, lengthening the left leg back behind you and sinking low to feel that lunge into your right thigh and seat.

15 seconds – Chair Hold

Minute 9:

45 seconds – High Runner’s Lunge (LEFT)

Same thing, keeping the left leg grounded

15 seconds – Chair Hold

Minute 10:

Sink all the way down onto your seat and finish off with some hip tilts!

1 minute – Hip Tilts

Stack your ankles right under your knees and lift your hips up to the sky. Squeeze your seat as you tilt your hips up and work into the center of the seat.

Take a Bonus 5 minutes to stretch!